15 things about your family that make you smile

As Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy turns 15 this month, we reflect on what the world knew of Duchenne when we started, and what is being done to end Duchenne today. And although we are extremely proud of and thankful for the advances that have been made in the Duchenne community over the past 15 years, we also recognize there is much more work still to be done.

It is also a time for us to think about the blessings in our lives. I think I can assume for all of us, that our family is our number one priority and what we are the most thankful for. That’s why I would like to ask you (and anyone & everyone you know!) to share your list of the 15 things about your family that make you smile. I have included my list below. Please leave a comment to this discussion, sharing your 15 things! We all know how unique our families are, especially when Duchenne has invaded our home, but what I think will surprise you, is how similar we all are!

Thank you for sharing your list and opening your hearts and homes to our community!

15 things about my family that make me smile
• There are six (and soon seven) of us – Jen & Kris, Michelle, Chris, Patrick, and Tom
• We still get a lump in our throat when we talk about Chris and Patrick, wishing to hear their voices
• Jen and Michelle are wonderful, strong, kind, intelligent, and independent
• We believe in, and support, each other’s dreams.
• Jen is marrying Kris and he makes it obvious he loves her
• Michelle loves what she does and loves NYC
• Jen wants to go back to school and get another degree
• Tom thinks he is Fred Astaire
• I can still call Michelle – Mush
• Jen and Michelle still remember my favorite punishment
• We still laugh about Michelle’s imaginary friend, Sherry Comfort and her relatives
• We can smile about living in Middletown, Ohio
• Jen and Michelle love to shop
• Jen suggested I take pilates and organized it for me.
• We all know that our hearts beat together.

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Comment by Rosanna Ouellette on April 28, 2009 at 10:42am
1. Jake leaving me notes saying "hi mom" in places he knows I go
2.Jacqui home from college and taking Jake to the movies
3. Charlie filling us all in on the latest sports news
4.Grandma and Grandpa in their 80's and doing well
5.Staying at Aunt Fran's when we go to Cincy to see Dr. Wong
6. Aunt Fran's pool and sauna and cooking for us!
7. Dad and Jake searching the internet for a gas-powered scooter, buying it, putting it together and riding it!
8. Going out for chinese cuz Jacqui and Jake got a craving
9.Jake taking his scooter to rite-aid with his buddies
10.Homeschooling and really teaching and reaching into his brain
11.Listening to my 3 teenagers talking from another room
12. My daffodills, spring in Michigan
13. Jake bringing me a glass of wine when I got home from getting a cortisone shot in my foot
14.My 20 y/o picking me up to crack my back
15.Taking a moment to reflect on our blessings
Comment by jenn on April 20, 2009 at 7:49am
1. my 4 year old step daughtor helping my 10 year old with duchennes play outside.
2. austin saying "i only fell 2 times today, it's a good day
3. baby james singing eieio
4. a 16 hour road trip to cinci children's with 3 kids, and no whining
5.grampa jim, grampa bruce and daddy all working together for our family business
6.max kissing his baby brother's feet.
7.holiday excitement
8.austin playing fetch with our dog, and his brother max
9.all 5 kids helping with chores
10. my husband holding his step-son's hand during tests at the hospital.
11. max running and climbing for dr. wong ( and being so proud)
12.austin's persistance, and endurance
13. austin having a crush
14. max hating girls, and school, and anything squishy ( the list goes on)
15.everyone sleeping, and getting an our to reflect on how lucky we all are.
Comment by JUAN PEDRO ARBULU on April 19, 2009 at 12:00am
1.My son Juan awakening and telling me he wants to play because it´s already "day".
2. My son asking for his milk on the bed watching cartoons.
3.My son running.
4. My son talking to me.
5. My son arguing with me.
6 My son trying so hard to do things theright way.
7. My son beeing my best friend.
8.My mother helping me.
9. My sister marrying.
10. My aunt loving us.
11. My big sister praying with her kids.
12.My son talking to his cousin´s on miami.
13.My father existing.
14. My son saying mother to my ex wife.
15. My whole family praying and knowing Juan will be fine.

Thanks Pat for the exercise.


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