Bitter Apple

I have set up a Caringbridge site and use it regularly to update family on what is happening in our house. Now with this new site up and running I will make sure to post all my journal entries here also.

Anyone who has raised a puppy probably knows about a product called bitter apple. It is a spray you can put on whatever you don’t want your pup to chew on. When we got Steffi we were using a spray bottle of water to discourage her from chewing on Angel but then discovered Steffi loves water so we’ve switched over to bitter apple. This weekend I put the water bottles away and only left out the bitter apple. For the past week or so Bob was the only one using the water bottle and that was mainly to spray Nick or me! On Saturday as I was getting Nick ready for the day I heard the swish, swish of the water bottle being sprayed. Bob, up to his usual shenanigans, was behind us spraying us. I turned around to yell at him and all I hear is “PLAH, PLAH! THAT TASTES TERRIBLE…PLAH, PLAH!” It turns out Bob had grabbed the bitter apple bottle instead of the water and had sprayed poor Nick right in the mouth from 15 ft. away! The look on Nick’s face was priceless! Bob felt bad about spraying Nick so he decided to see just how bad it tasted so he put some on his tongue. Bad mistake! Now not only is Nick suffering the effects of the bitter apple, but Bob’s eyes are watering and he’s telling me it’s no wonder the dog doesn’t like it – it tastes terrible! Both Bob and Nick ate Starburst to try and get the taste out and then they both had their teeth brushed to finally get rid of the taste. I bet from now on Bob is careful about using the dogs spray bottle and I hope they’ll both forgive me for all the laughing I did!

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Comment by Tina on June 19, 2008 at 8:33pm
We purchased some bitter-apple back in January after my husband decided to surprise me with an Australian cattle/blue heeler pup. We now have a small pancake size whole in my husband's recliner chair thanks to the jaws of that pup. Serves my husband right for bringing a pup home when I said no to the vote about 100 times!!! :)
Comment by MarcosDad on June 19, 2008 at 3:38pm
Funny! We got a bottle of bitter-apple and wouldn't you know our very large dog (Cayden) loves it.

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