Even though Kelvin is only 5, he'll be 6 in Sept., he and his sister and grandma and grandpa got to spend the day at the MDA camp. My brother is a respiratory therapist and volunteered there for 3 days, so they got to go to family day. My parents couldn't believe what an amazing job they did. Kelvin can't wait to go and stay next year. Of course, I'm not ready for that (for him to stay somewhere without me), but he had so much fun, he wants to live there. Of course, I remain positive, that through our strength and prayers; the doctors, scientists and researchers will soon find and approve help for our little ones. Until that time, we'll massage, we'll stretch, take steroids, swim, hot tub it, take rest periods while playing or too much walking, wear night braces, take a list of suppliments, get help from Dr. Wong and her fantastic staff, learn, learn, learn what we can, eat healthy, have fun every day with whatever we can and just enjoy life!

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Comment by Kristi Powell on June 17, 2008 at 6:50pm
It was very hard to let my son go to camp the first year. I took him, I didn't want him to ride the bus, but once I got there, I was completely amazed! They recognized my son once we got out of the car and everyone croweded around him. They had toys, and special treats just for him that he liked, and had his area all ready for him. Someone quilted each boy in that cabin a blanket, someone else made a pillow, I mean he was spoiled that entire week. By the time I got into the car to go home, I started crying, not just because I would miss him ,but because I was just overcome with joy that someone esle loves him and want him to be happy. By Wednesday of that week, I could barely stand it, I had a difficult time until Friday when I picked him up. He came back with soooooo much stuff, unreal! The next year was a little better, but I still had problems by Wednesday. But this year was his third year and I felt completely ok with him being gone the whole week. I missed him, but was not a wreck like the two years before. So, it's ok, but you son will absolutely love it!! I was also worried about what he would "see", but it as it turned out, nothing to worry about. He saw the other boys much more involved than he, but it just increased his compassion for people and now he just wants to help everyone. Anyway, we have great MDA camp staff, they even made a DVD for all the kids this year, it was very touching.

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