This week we put in a 15 foot pool (we'll go bigger later, but this will help Kelvin for now). We then bought a hot tub and tub enclosure today, so that we can all be in the hot tub any time of the year, even when it is super cold. Of course, we bought this to help Kelvin, on advice of Dr. Wong, she says the pool and hot tub are great, so that is what we did. I can't wait to be in the hot tub, but we won't get it going until fall. We are just doing what we can to help him, whatever it takes.

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Comment by Colin McKenzie on June 13, 2008 at 10:54am
I too have a piece of usefull information on lung capacity, our son Justin has been doing swimming lessons, primarly to excercise. When he visited the pomonologist (excuse the spelling) last year, he was pleased to see the huge capacity Justin had developed since his first visit two years ago, and he attributed it to swimming and holding breath etc under water. He is apparently way above the norm for his age in this area, which was great news for us. I am pleased to hear it is a recognised good activity. I need to complete the waming side of the pools we built for the boys shortly.
Comment by Deb Robins on June 13, 2008 at 10:00am
I can vouch for Dr Wong's good advice. My 20 yr old swam daily throughout childhood (he never really got rid of his flippers and he was always outgrowing them) and we always made sure to play a lot of diving games too. When we moved to a house without a pool in his teens, he swam laps at the public pool at least twice a week. He went off his feet at 9 yrs but he could swim a slow breast stroke until he was around 17. I know this has helped him with his respiratory capacity since he's never really had a chest infection and still doesnt need a bipap despite 6mthly sleep studies lately. Last Christmas we invested in an above ground swim-spa (I suppose that is a hot tub in USA?) and he is enjoying being weightless again but he can't stay in the warm water for more than 40mins his physio says - and we have to put ankle and wrist weights on him or he keeps floating up out of the spa seat! A big plus is that a pool attracts playmates like flies too. Have fun!
Comment by Kelvinsmom - Michelle on June 11, 2008 at 10:10pm
If you mean for the pool and hot tub, well, she wrote a prescription and she said I can use it on my taxes (for medical expenses, if you reach the amount it takes to write them off, which, of course, that won't be an issue, between the pool, hot tub, Dr. bills, monthly health insurance costs, hotels, travel, etc.)
Comment by Tina on June 8, 2008 at 7:11pm
will your insurance company reimburse you partly if Dr. Wong gives you a prescription for it?

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