Today I feel like we made a contribution for DMD. We participated in the Coach for the Cure. The Coach for a Cure campaign is an arrangement with the American Coaching League. An individual by the name of Brad Todd, has a nephew who has DMD, helped orchestrate the event. Brad has been working for two years to get PPMD on the American Coaching League's dance card if you will. This year, he was successful and today we participated in a commercial that will be aired on Oct 25th during college football.

It poured cats and dogs at the location were we filmed. We had to wait until the rain stopped. We were all huddled under some large equipment which gave us some shelter from the rain. The people who filmed the commercial were from Washington DC, and other places across the US. They were so good with the younger kids. Coach Willingham, the coach of the University of Washington, participated and delivered the message that "Because all boys deserve to win."

There were several families that participated in the commercial . It was so good to meet those other families. Even though you don't know them, you feel like you know them. They know about the struggles and the day in and day out battles we all fight. The boys and young men we met were awesome. The young men were Conrad Reynoldson and Zack Stark. What courageous young men these two are! How does one describe these young men that pursue their dreams despite the DMD? It certainly puts things in perspective for me! And, their moms - Katherine and Koren - amazing women....The younger boys and all the parents that were there as well too - Jacob Colby and mom Mindy Colby, Micah Hester and mom Janelle Hester, Addison Zenobio and mom Paulette Zenobio.

I see now that I have to train by brain to focus on the positive - and not worry about the future. Oh, if I could only do this every day and not struggle! I guess it is a process for us all and not just the destination and with us all together, all things are possible.

Please be sure and watch for the commercial.
Char Burke - mom of Will Burke, age 6

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