A word from the College Kid's mom....

I have really enjoyed blogging the last month or so...and more so that I am going through college with my son, (only I don't get credit for it like he does). But I'm enjoying attending his classes anyhow. Although for the most part I feel so out of place- and wishing so much I can be 20-30 years younger again. Even most of the (graduate-students) instructors are so good looking!

However, the challenges that Tim has to go through while attending a great University like UF. Well, for one thing even Christopher Reeves would not come to speak at the University just simply it is not wheelchair accessible. It is Handicap accesssible, but not wheelchair. Most bathrooms are not acceptable. Most of the buildings are old and the handicap blue button that is suppose to help open doors, well they don't always work. Well Tim is picky with the type of table to eat at. So I'm not sure, but if he can't get his wheelchair under the table to stablize himself to eat, then that too is off limits. There is one building that has the perfect bathrooms, but the classrooms are in the strangest places and if you don't or can't find the "elevator" then you are just stuck.

One of his Instructors (yes the good looking one) actually accomodized and changed the classroom for Tim so he can easily get in and participate.

So yes, we as the "super mighty mom (or dad)" will still need to attend to alot needs for our kids when they enter the college world. We will still have to advocate to accomodize their daily class needs. You think its bad in elementary or high school...wait till college! DRC can only do so much. Yes they can get desks, note-takers, give you extra time for tests, etc...etc...but when it comes to getting an aide and building structures, etc... that is with the ADA department.

Please! do not let me discourage you from encouraging your child to go to College. Yes, we are in the new millinum, and changes are always made, we just have to voice it. Your son or daughter's college career is going to be one of the most exciting things they will experience (and maybe for you too if you are stuck as their aide).

It just takes alot of preparation- and most of all it will take work to make it a success for them...& you.

Has your son (or daughter) expereince their college career yet and if so, what suggestions to you have for the rest of us?

You can read more about the life of a College Kid's mom at my own blog...come join us!

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