Adventures in Serial Casting . . . Round Two

Well, yesterday they casted his right foot. She checked his left foot and felt he hadn't lost too much range and still fit (just barely) into his night splint so we are going to let that one be for now. I am still hoping that somehow this will all sink in to Jonathan that we; his parents, the PT and his Dr. are just trying to help him the best we can. The rest is up to him. This could all be a big waste of time if he refuses to stretch and wear his AFOs. At 17 he has to learn that he does have some control over his life and that doing positive things, stretching, wearing his AFOs is taking control.

It's been a quiet week here, hubby is out of town on business, by daughters are both gone visiting grandparents and friends. After Jon's casting appointment we went to see the X-Files movie, creepy even by X-Files standards. Since the girls left Jon has even been coming out of his room to interact with us, watch movies and play board and card games. I'm sure that as everyone comes back over the next week things will go back to normal.

Have a blessed day,

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Comment by Kristi Koop on August 2, 2008 at 3:59pm
I am glad to hear that the serial casting was beneficial. I am hoping that we will start casting with my son on Monday. Did the pt you went to have experience casting a dmd patient or was it there first? I am getting nervous as the time approaches for fear that maybe we aren't going to the right person. I have the protocol that Cincy gave us and I've faxed it to them but still nervous...don't want to do more harm than good. Any insight on anything? It's great that your son is still able to walk at 17! Hang in there, Kristi

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