Another opportunity to wear my "Run for Our Sons" jersey

Last weekend, I competed in a local sprint triathlon. This is my regular summer race date with my older brother, Norm. Heather was not going to be with me this race, which is very unusual, and I was feeling just a little off before the race.

So as I stood in in the cool morning, I was nervous, but knew I was ready...I had just completed the swim and run portion of a 1/2 iron man a couple weeks before. And then we were off.... my brother, like me struggles with the swimming, but was confident since he was wearing his wetsuit, and we discuss that "when" I beat him out of the water, that I would just hop on my bike and would be seeing him again somewhere on the bike course. The swim goes great for me, I am super relaxed and have placed no expectations on myself, so I get out of the water and get on my bike. I am riding like a mad woman, because I know my brother is right behind me. Mile 6 passes me by and I still have not seen my brother, and this is when the euphoria starts to set in... I must have been more ready than I thought..."I am really killing my brother...ha, ha, ha" . I get to the bike turn around and in the dark tunnel I think I see my brother, but I am not I call out "Norm" and continue my hurried pace to stay in front. I get to the transition area and start my run...again I think it should only be a matter of time before Norm catches me, so I head out quickly...I am running and running, and still no Norm....I get to the "Seafair Hill" and can hear my brother voice saying "This is where we separate the winners and the you want to be a loser" and, again, I am pleasantly smiling to myself that he is NOT there to see this "loser" happily fast walking up the hill to the top where the water stop is.... and that's when it hits me, there is no way I am this far ahead of him....he has to be waiting for me in the transition area and he is going to make me run another 3.1 miles with him because he has been waiting all this time for me....I quickly head to the finish line, grab a couple of oranges & a water bottle, start mentally preparing for another 3.1 mile run and that is when I see him....he has finished before me....WHAT? How did that happen?...and when I get the results, I see it...My brother beat me in the swim. He got a PR of almost 3 minutes in the swim and didn't even train for it!...that stinker! However, I did get my best time, so I wasn't too mad. :) I love you Norm!

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Comment by Brian Denger on July 28, 2008 at 8:12pm
Nice job Jenny! Sibling rivalry is best in this format. Sounds like you had a great time and a PR as a bonus. Wear the PPMD jersey with pride.


Brian Denger

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