Well, another week of training has come and gone. The big moment for this week was a scheduled 12-mile run on Saturday. I wound up turning this into a 13-mile run. I ran from Palisades Park (where we were staying) to South Haven, Michigan (where I met Kristin and the boys for lunch) along the Blue Star Highway. Southwest Michigan is really a beautiful place. Especially for someone who grew up outside Chicago. Scenery makes these long runs much more enjoyable. No real problems on the run, although my left foot took a real beating. I did not notice how swollen it was until I tried to put on shoes while dressing for work this morning. There is an angry looking discoloration under my left big toe nail. I wonder if it will fall off?

Brian Denger suggested that I post my training on the Run For Our Sons forum and I think I will do so tonight. I have been training now for over ten weeks and will post my full history just as soon as I have it formatted. Including some very embarrasing early runs. Anyway, here is what I have accomplished this week. I would love to hear other novices' stories from training, as well as advice from experienced runners who might save some of my toe nails.

Day, Distance, Time, Pace, Scheduled distance
Mon (07/21/08), rest
Tue (07/22/08), 3.5 miles, 28:30, 8:00 min/mile, 3 miles
Wed (07/23/08), 5.9 miles, 52:42, 8:54 min/mile, 5 miles
Thu (07/24/08), 3.5 miles, 29:06, 8:12, min/mile, 3 miles
Fri (07/25/08), rest
Sat (07/26/08), 13 miles, 1:59:24, 9:12 min/mile, 12 miles
Sun (07/27/08), 60 min cross

Total Distance: 25.98 miles
Total Time: 229.6837
Run Distance: 25.98 miles
Run Time: 229.6837

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Comment by John Hiatt on August 1, 2008 at 10:56am
Thank you everyone for your comments. I have a question. The black toenail I noted following my Saturday run has not improved. I have only run 2 1/2 miles so far this week out of fear of aggravating thing. I am scheduled to run 13 miles tomorrow and don't want to miss it. Will I make things much worse by running? Can I do anything to help the situation?
Comment by Brian Denger on July 29, 2008 at 9:06pm
Looks like a good week of training John. Once you go over ten miles it is time to learn tricks to avoid getting bored, keep good form to avoid injury and remember your goal s and how your runs fit into your program. Good shoe advice from Jenny. I go through a pair of shoes every seven weeks or shorter. After 350 miles my shoes loose cushioning and the soles are worn. Make sure they are in good shape and appropriate for your gait. If you find a decent shoe that wears well go online to find a more reasonable price.

For Beth. Try coolrunning.com to compare training programs. Also go to runningtimes.com and go to their training link. There is an interesting article by Richard Lovett featured in the July/Aug 08 magazine addressing half marathons. For my first half I never ran over eight miles. I don't suggest doing less than ten to twelve unless your goal is to "finish" only. Another thought is the Jeff Galloway method for first time runners where he advocates frequent walking breaks. I like not stopping, but for people only wanting to get done without a time goal this is a good alternative.

Best to all running!

Brian Denger
Comment by Jenny on July 28, 2008 at 5:19pm
Hello John!

I am barely over a novice status... I have ran two previous marathons and I am currently training for NYC for DMD...In my experience once you start running over 10 miles shoes become a huge deal and you may need to go up 1/2 a size (or get rid of the cotton socks if you are inbetween sizes & wear them)....all that time on your feet causes some natural swelling and your big toes take the biggest hit. I almost lost both of mine after my first marathon. Do you have a place locally that fits people for running shoes?..check in to this it is well worth it! Happy Training...it looks like you off to a great start! :)
Comment by Beth Kilgore on July 28, 2008 at 3:45pm
Hi, John,

Just curious about which race you are training for? I'm training for the Disneyland Half, and my novice training schedule only has me running 7 miles so far. I'm following Hal Higdon's schedule. Do you recommend another one?

Keep up the great training!

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