School has been out for a few weeks now and Nick is enjoying spending time at home with dad. We haven’t been out much but there has been enough entertainment at home. The weather has been really hot and now this past week we have had a lot of smoke from all the wild fires. The air quality is bad and we are keeping Nick safely indoors. He has had two coughing incidents during the past week that have required a lot of suctioning but thankfully no desaturation. Not sure if the bad air has caused it or if it’s just that we are back in that “cycle”. Nick has also been vomiting again.

It’s story time! The other day Bob was getting Nick up and giving him a bad time (of course). Nick’s response to him was “Dad, you’re fired! Not only are you fired but you will never work in this town again!” Then this past weekend Bob tripped over the puppy gate (which is no longer up) and ended up taking a pretty nasty fall. Thankfully he is OK other than a bruised shoulder and knee but for the weekend couldn’t lift Nick. Bob told Nick what had happened and then for the rest of the weekend any time Bob walked by Nick would smile and say….”TIMBER!” I wonder where he gets his sense of humor from??

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