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Dealing with setbacks

 Last December when I was training for the 2012 Goofy run at WDW I participated in a 25k trail race. This was supposed to be the last big training event and then I would begin tapering for WDW.

 I love trail running, I hit the trails every chance I get and this race was taking place right where I run every week so I was excited to really do well. We all lined up and away we went looping around a small lake before we hit the trails. Ah the trails, my home away from home. This is where…


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Sleep, how much do you get?

 When i see a client I ask a series of questions, how has your week been? Did you eat right? How is work going, how's your stress level? Did you work out this week? Lastly how are you sleeping?

 Sleep is without a doubt the one thing that our bodies need but we think we can get by with less. An adult should be getting 7-8 hrs. a night. What do you think you're actually getting?

 Kids are probably the worst offenders. A teenager who is still growing and developing need…


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Good ol' fat!

When trying to eat right to lose weight or training for one of the many RFOS events trying to figure out the proper ratio of proteins, carbs., and fats can be a confusing blob of conflicting information.

 Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are macro nutrients they are each essential for us as humans to live.

 I feel like talking about fat today so that what I am going to do. There are two main types saturated (generally considered bad) and unsaturated fat.

 Generally in…


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Tips for parents for dealing with stress

Hi everyone.

As a wellness coach one of the biggest issues my clients deal with is stress. DMD parents obviously have a large amount of stress in there lives so i'd like to discuss some ways to reduce stress.

Stress reduction tips and techniques:

  • Identify the source of your stress
  • Avoid unnecessary stress
  • Alter the situation
  • Adapt to the stressor
  • Accept the things you can’t…

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Introductory post I'm a coach offering my services.

 Good afternoon all. Some here know me but most probably do not. My name is Darren Corona and although I do not have anyone in my family with Duchennes I do run with the team Aidan's 12 to help raise money.

 I make my living as a wellness coach, all that means is that I work with families and businesses to create a program to help everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle. While down at WDW this past January  I was able to interact with the DMD families I got to see first hand…


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