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Capstone Project

Heading into my final two classes of my Masters program and could use a little help, especially from those outside of Wisconsin.

Thanks in advance....

Mark Servais

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It was bound to happen

Well, a couple days ago we put in an order for Lucas' first wheelchair. As the provider said - "and so now the fight begins" when referring to the insurance companies.

Lucas has been getting around in one of three ways: 1) medical stroller being pushed, 2) scooting around in his walker, 3) or me carrying him to his ultimate destination. The walker which he was primarily using was the kind with the seat and wheels. The seat was starting to give out so I put some aluminum angle iron… Continue

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2010-06-19 Motivation and Perseverance with Duchenne

I wrote an article on my personal blog regarding my motivating factors. Out of my top five motivators, family rang in at number 2 and happiness came in at number 1.

Living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy can try anyone's will, patience, and

resolve. Over the past 8 years we like many other families have had our

share of difficulties with doctors, agencies, and the condition

progression… Continue

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2010-02-12 Living with my Brother

(From old blog)

Due to the learning challenges that are sometimes associated with Duchenne we go to downtown Milwaukee for dyslexia tutoring. Whenever we

get there, my Mom would first have to drop Lucas and I off by the front

doors since the snow is way to deep along the curbside to go in.

Sometimes we would bring the stroller or sometimes the walker. The last

time we went we brought the stroller. When Lucas would get into the

stroller, we would head inside.… Continue

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2010-05-02 X-Wav Honda Element

(From old blog)

We recently had the opportunity to have a first hand look at a converted Honda Element for wheelchair access on the passenger side. I was very

pleased in what I saw.

First off I have not been impressed with some of the accessible transport vans on the market. We once owned a

minivan and known many people who owned minivans. We determined that all

minivans are just pieces of junk. Converted or not – these cars never

seem to last very long.… Continue

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2010-01-30 Report Cards Are In

(From old blog)

With a lot of effort on Lucas' part and on our part for breaking things down for him - Lucas got all A's on his report card.

We have been told several times in the past to not focus our time on

Lucas' learning - just let it go. I am so glad we didn't listen to those

folks and never gave up. Now albeit these straight A's would not have

been possible if we left Lucas completely on his own to do the work as

it was presented to him. I give huge… Continue

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2010-01-01 Time Off

(From old blog)

It has been nice to have a break from the normal routine for a couple of weeks. Between Christmas and New Years I usually have off from my job

and the family takes advantage of it. One of the things however that we

don't get a break from is the daily stretching that Lucas needs. We've

done our best to make sure that Lucas is still getting that over the

holidays. All his other appointments - therapy, tutoring, etc. have been

pretty much put on… Continue

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2009-10-03 - Garage Ramp

(From old blog)

We finished the garage ramp - well almost. I got a couple of fine tuning things to do. We built an 8' x 5' platform in front of the door, with a

five foot ramp extending from it. We built it primarily out of composite

decking material and treated 2x4s.

This is the last ramp for the house. Next -… Continue

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Moving the blog back

We will be moving our family blog back to the community. In the next several days I will be posting past articles from the old blog here.


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New Blog

We've moved the blog to We aren't doing much in the community site lately.

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We bought Lucas a used powerchair yesterday to make it easier to keep up with the kids in the neighborhood a little better, and I spent most of the morning cleaning it up and getting it working. Lucas is really excited because it is green, his favorite color. I got it cleaned up and there were batteries in it already. They seem to be charging OK but I'm getting an error on the chair (blinking light fault code thing) so I'll have to get it checked out. I'm hoping it's not going to be a big deal.… Continue

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Lucas attended his first live musical performance

Lucas went to Summerfest down at Milwaukee's lakefront to see Sick Puppies. While hanging out we also saw a band from Chicago - American Taxi.

After the Sick Puppies performed, Lucas, I and his brother were able to "meet" the band and get their autographs. Not many signed bands take the time with their fans like that so it was really cool.


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