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A New Journey

A New Journey

I had often wondered on my journey where God would take me. As a young lady I had dreamed of falling in love, getting married and having a any female would. But as life would have it, things didn't go according to my plan, of course. Things went a whole different direction. A direction that maybe would be full of surprises. A lot of good and then some bad. Either way it would be a journey directed by God.

Once my son Tim was…


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Learning the Lessons of Life.

Hello Everyone. 

I'm sorry I have not been here for such a long time. So much has happened since we were here last.

Tim is doing well-better than expected.  I can still him his roar of laughter from his room even with his door close.  My son, Timothy, now 23 yrs old is so positive about life and full of laughter that he is not let letting this disease get to…


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The Will to live-part 1

The Will to Live...or die.

While answering one of Oprah's Facebook questions, I ran into a sister of a boy who had duchenne and she told me her brother died at 17 & at home because he was always in so much pain that nothing matter but death.

I had wondered how could there be so many boys out there with Duchenne musuclar dystrophy who suffer greatly that they think the only cure there is to the pain is death. Yet, there are so many young boys and men who just…


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Stop putting Things on Hold...& Just do it!!

IF you are new here to the PPMD community, or even if you are not new to the community, you might noticed the set of photos that we as parents share of our boys.

Look at all those faces. They are smiling. They are innocent. These are the faces of our boys who has their mom and dads and grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings and cousins that fight to end Duchene. They fight for their lives, because of a disease that robs them the ability to do tihngs for themselves. While many stay… Continue

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Bipap /Neumothorax

I keep coming and going into the PPMD learn new things and the challenges that we all face on a daily basis.

This last week has for sure been a challenge for Tim...actually this month. He has been in ICU 2x's this month now. Apparently his bipap setting was set to high for him and probably caused the neumothorax. They thought it would resolve the first time he was in here but instead it only got worse. By July 21, after spending 8 hours in the waiting room with chest pains… Continue

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Thanksgiving feast

It's the day before Thanksgiving. The house needs to be clean-especially the kitchen (LOL) and the little Turkey roast we got needs to be defrosted. Groceries needs to be put on shelves and my temptation to the eat the pumpkin pie now needs to vanish so I have it to enjoy tommarrow.

Tim has a 8 page essay that needs to be written before the 4th and an anime presentation for his Japaneese class. So we gave up the idea of going to Orlando so that these things can (and WILL!!) get done.… Continue

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Fall is here!

So Tim has been out of the hospital now for about a week and few days and so far he is still having difficulty swallowing, coughing and occassionally breathing. But he has improved big time. now to get him back into classes at UF. The thing is he still so exhausted and drained that he does not have the energy to studdy or do his school work. I'm not sure how else to motivate him except that he is on academic/financial aid probation so he has to do well. I see that as to much pressure for him… Continue

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Pnuemonia vs. College classes

Tim has been ill- so ill they admitted him into the hospital on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday morning, he was in ICU for respiritory arrest. Get the full scoop at our College Mom's Blog.

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A word from the College Kid's mom....

I have really enjoyed blogging the last month or so...and more so that I am going through college with my son, (only I don't get credit for it like he does). But I'm enjoying attending his classes anyhow. Although for the most part I feel so out of place- and wishing so much I can be 20-30 years younger again. Even most of the (graduate-students) instructors are so good looking!

However, the challenges that Tim has to go through while attending a great University like UF. Well, for… Continue

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College Mom's Blog

Come read about a College DMD kid & his mom

Life as mom who assist my 19 year old son through his college career. The up's and down & the laughters and the fustrations of being on a large Univeristy campus does have its challenges.

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