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Recap: PPMD's Adult Advisory Committee (PAAC) Leadership Meeting and 2017 Advocacy Conference

Heartening. That’s how I found last week’s PPMD PAAC Leadership and Advocacy Conference.  Every time the whole community gets together, I leave feeling EMPOWERED.  I like that word. Good word isn’t it? There is no limit to what I can do for my community. And I imagine I’m not the only one who feels like this. Or at least I hope you feel empowered too.  And if…


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Buddy's Elegy for Ben Cumbo

Buddy’s Elegy for Ben


Every day of my life, I think of you,

And when I blow my horn, I think of you.

If I could say how much you meant to me,

I have no words to express my love for you.

Your music plays inside my head,

In every song I ever wrote,

This is part of me, I send to you,

It’s coming from my heart,

And every day I think of you.

Right from the sky, I feel your…


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Can I get a taxi? Can I get a witness?

Can I get a taxi? Can I get a witness?


When you’re disabled, your transportation options aren’t great. In this piece, I don’t have any real solutions to the problems I bring up, but I’d like to at least start a conversation. And who knows, maybe someone out there might have some advice for me. Okay, so I’ll go through the various scenarios and the problems that each presents.


I drive

I use the strikethrough to indicate this…


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From Where I'm Sitting: Using a Scooter for Mobility

          I told myself once that I would never write an article with this utterly corny and clichéd title, but as it turns out it works. It’s functional. It does exactly what I need it to do.

I ride a scooter to get around. I’ve been riding a scooter for 13 years now. That’s half my life at this point and I have no intention of switching. I use a scooter because it works for me. It’s functional. It does exactly what I need it to do. Kind of like the title of this…


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Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..

Years ago on PBS I used to watch a show called ZOOM.  This was a few years ago, so what was unique about the show was the online content. Kids were encouraged to send in emails to the cast about do-it-yourself science experiments, word games, magic tricks, and challenges.  This critical online component of the show was stressed in a line from the show’s theme song: “We’re all hooked into one world now!”  After the PAAC Leadership conference the week before last, I feel that “We’re all hooked…


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