• Community Discussion about Corticosteroid Side Effects/Benefits

    28 members

    This group will meet for about a week to help the DuchenneConnect team understand in more detail the side effects and benefits that families and their children have with Corticosteroid therapy. This will help us direct a a comprehensive survey tool that will be used to study these issues in our com…

  • Dream Auction Volunteers

    7 members

  • 2018 PPMD Annual Conference

    6 members

    Connect with other 2018 PPMD Annual Conference attendees.

  • Step Mum's to kids with B/DMD

    4 members

    Just a group to hear from other step mums about their experiences. Living full time with step kids or part time, dealing with the biological mums in denial. Just to chat about the life of being a step mum.

  • Advisory Committee Group

    30 members

  • Exon skipping 53

    19 members

    Hi, My son has deletion 48-52 and need 53 skipped. Want to get in touch with any one who needs 53 skipped. Thanks, Amrit

  • Lose to Cure MD

    14 members

    Pledge to donate $1 per pound of weight lost to PPMD Research. Let's motivate each other to lose weight and be healthier and raise money for PPMD at the same time.

  • Bereaved Parents

    18 members

    For those who have lost a child.

  • Exon Deletion 3-7

    29 members

    Connect with other families with exon deletion 3-7.

  • 2019 PPMD Annual Conference

    2 members

    Connect with other 2019 PPMD Annual Conference attendees.

  • Gapko Survey Development

    4 members

    This group is formed to assist in development of a survey to determine the information needs of young adults (age 14 and older) with DBMD.

  • Qatar DMD group

    4 members

    God Bless you. Dear I am creating this group to be in touch with parents of DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) within Qatar   Thanks and best regards Vinu.

  • NOVA parents

    4 members

    I'm hoping to connect with some other parents in the Northern VA area... Anybody out there?

  • Hispanic and Latino Families with Duchenne

    4 members

    Support group for families in Latin America with family members with Duchenne. This is a bilingual group English and Espanol. Bienvenidos al grupo de familias que hablan Espanol y tienen familiares o ellos mismos tienen Duchenne.  

  • Ataluren (PTC)

    1 member

  • United Arab Emirates Femilies

    2 members

    To join the all DMD families together

  • MD In Kenya

    2 members

    I am looking to meet families afflicted or affected by DMD in Kenya,East Africa.So if you are out there and would like to join hands,come over with form this group.Thanks,and stay strong for our boys.

  • Duchenne MD & Autism Spectrum Disorder

    10 members

    Patients living with DMD & Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

  • Splice Site Mutation

    3 members

    Anyone who has a Splice Site Mutation.

  • Exon 17 skipping

    4 members

    Only 1.9% in the cases of exon deletion; Only 1.9% opportunity for receiving treatment; Let's join hands for our sons' future !