Our son Jonathan will be 18 on March 2nd. At his last drs appointment they asked us what we were planning on doing before he turns 18, the word conservatorship was mentioned.

Has anyone done anything in regards to this? I don't want to take away anything that will give him control in his life, but I know there may be a day when he can't sign his own name.

Susan Rathfelder

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I know its been a while since you posted this, but as a nurse, I have to say that having the power to speak FOR someone or to do things like SIGN for someone is not being controlling. Its being there when they really need you. Ask how he feels about it, and maybe set yourself (or whomever he may choose) up as a back-up just in case. Also-you can always get an ink stamper for him of his signature...just my thoughts this morning. I will probably read this later and ask myself what I was thinking!
Well, its been awhile since I posted this and tomorrow (Thursday) we are signing power of attorney papers for Jonathan. We are signing papers for both medical and financial power of attorney. It was really hard to come to this point, but the attorney we worked with was great and very knowledgeable which helped a lot. Jon agrees that this is all to overwhelming for him, so he has no problem with it all. Since we are waiting to hear about arrangements for surgery to remove the first of 3 very large kidney stones it will make things easier for all of us I guess. The hardest part was when the attorney asked if we wanted to put our daughters as back ups in case something happened to both Dave and I. At 23 and 19 I just couldn't see doing that, but my hubby helped me realize that we were not talking about them doing this tomorrow it was a little easier.



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