DOB: 4-14-96
Drug/Supp: Prednisone--25mg, Prevacid--40mg, Singulair--10mg, Nasonex, Lisinopril--5mg, multi-vitamin, tums
Date Started: Prednisone--Sept--02, everything else in Dec 08, Lisinopril--4/24/09
Comments: Justin was on several different supplements until about a year ago. he started having alot of stomach issues.
Observations: We didnt see any side effects from the prednisone for the longest time, and then when Justin turned 12, he started getting the hairy back, the rounded face, and gained 20lbs in two months.

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Do you know that was causing the stomach issues? Do you think it was related to the steroids?
We really dont know what was/is causing stomach issues. he was having constant diarrhea and stomach cramps. The diarrhea was so bad he would go every thirty minutes to an hour. Not easy when you have a child who cant walk! We took him off all supplements and his stomach problems improved. He has recently started back with diarrhea, so we are playing with different things, like restricting his dairy intake. Who knows. The supplements may not have caused it at all. I will say that in the year or so he has been off supplements, we have seen no difference in strength or anything else. As for it being the steroids I dont think so. He has been on long term steroids and the stomach issues have come and gone, I think if it was the prednisone it would have been a constant thing. We have added and taken away supplements over the years and every time we add the stomach issues start up again.
Samatha - you need to switch Justin to deflazacort. It is supposed to have much less tendency to add weight. Char Burke
Justin has since lost the weight gain. He hit puberty and was going through some other changes medically and emotionally. His weight is now right where it should be for his age and height. We just made some minor changes to his diet and it came right back off. We have no plans to switch him. Prednisone has worked very well for us for a long time now.



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