I was telling our PT that we are doing this and he thought it is a great idea, but we should expand it! If someone works QUICKLY it could happen this year, but next year is more realistic. Here is it:
Many companies have weight loss benefits for their employees as it obviously reduces their employment issues (days off work for illness, lost productivity, etc). So, why not ask employers to join our campaign to donate $1 for every pound someone at their workplace loses? We could come up with a cute name and they can promote wellness in the workplace while also helping a great cause! We would probably have to come up with some idea of how they could track the weight loss as well as promote it, but companies may be willing to do it as a corporate effort so that they can have a motivation for the worker to lose weight while they improve the health of thier workforce.
What do you all think of this idea???

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I think it's a great idea!!!
That is a great idea! Unfortunately there are only 3 of us in my office and the other two are men and have no problem with weight:(


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