I have 3 grandchildren. Reagan is 9 years, Riley is 5 years, and Sawyer is 4 months. I am a true softy when it comes to those children. Reagan and Riley sleep at my house at least one night for most weekends. I have a tendency to dote on them and spoil them a bit but have always set limits. Since Riley has been diagnosed with DMD, I have a little trouble setting limits with him. Common sense tells me to treat him as though he doesn't have MD but I find that difficult to do. At this time, he does not know that he has anything wrong with him nor would he understand it. He doesn't even question why "the doctor is taking all my blood", as he says! Are any of you finding it difficult to set limits with your granchild? Please say YES so I don't feel so guilty about being putty in his little hands!!


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Hi Marla,
I'm right there with you. I have 4 grandchildren...Patrick (9), Caroline (5), Nicholas (5 w/DMD) and Brooke (2). Nicholas was born the month I found out I had cancer. He brought me so much joy when I was going through a difficult time. I'm cancer free and he's still the "apple of my eye". I love each one of them but Nick and I have a special bond. I try to set limits but there are times I'm such a push over especially when he looks at me with those big beautiful brown eyes. Aren't we blessed to have our grandchildren close enough to have sleepovers.... so YES don't feel guilty.
Marla, I have 2 grandsons, Brogan, who was diagnosed in November just made 5, and Liam is 20 months....I love them both so much and see them maybe 3 times a week but I still feel that this just isn't enough. It is so hard to stop short of "creating a monster" but I like to think that spoiling them is part of our grandma duties "of course with limits" haha.
Anita and Mary,
When Rhiannon and Ray fuss me for spoiling the kids I tell them that it is in the job desciption of a grandparent. I taught my children that when you do something, you do it to the best of your ability. I have to practice what I preach - there you go - I can justify my actions!

I have on grandson, Jacob (dmd) and one granddaughter Meredith 3. Jacob and I are soul mates. His parents always joke that he would sell them down the river to be with me anyday and it's not that I spoil him too much. It's just that I babysat for him up to 3 years of age and we just need to be together. He's usually at my house every weekend and sometimes his sister comes along. I try to make sure I'm even with them when it comes to buying them things. As she gets older I will have her over more often if she wants.

As far as spoiling them I just try to pack alot of new things to do with him in each visit so that he has the oppurtunity to experience things while he can.

Sometimes it's hard for me to keep a distance when it comes to raising him or issues with him but I try to do my best.
I have been putty in my grandson's hands for 14 years, since the day he was born, especially since we learned that he had DMD when he was 4 years old. No matter how spoiled he may be because of me, he is still the sweetest and most polite young man. My daughter and son-in-law keep him in check, even though they spoil him as well, they also make sure he's not fresh. I spend a lot of time with him and we talk about all kinds of things. He loves when I talk about him when he was a little guy, he never questions his disability or feels sorry for himself. He's usually more concerned about others more than himself. If someone has a hurt back or a patch on their eye or a bad cold, etc., he always looks at them with such concern and tells them how bad he feels for them. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful good hearted boy for my grandson. Keep spoiling your granchild!

I am putty in my grandsons's hands , I spoil them in every way I can, I have since the day they were born...Hey it is our right as grandparents to spoil them. I work so I only get to see the boys on the weekend, and that is my special time to grant them any wish they might have and I love every minute


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