Can anyone share their experience when your son has done the sleep study in Cincinnati?  My husband will be staying with him that night.  What accomodations does the room have?  Shower?  Does the hospital take families to the airport after their appointments?  Husband and son are not going to have time so we are not renting a car this time and want to be sure they have a way to the airport.


Thanks for answering questions and if you have other suggestions please let me know.



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Hi Kristi,
My son had 2 sleep studies last year in Cincinnati. They have a couch (well really like the width of a small love-seat) that pulls out into a bed for your husband to sleep in. The room has it's own bathroom with a stand-up shower. I know the hospital has a shuttle. I"ve never used it but I'm pretty sure it takes families to and from the airport.

Haven't had a sleep study, but the hospital does provide a shuttle. You MUST schedule this in advance. They book out pretty far, so I'd give Guest Services a call now.
Bring or get a sleeping bag or something cushy as that couch is NOT comfortable and I didn't sleep well the whole night. It was December for ours and it was cold sleeping by the window. If they want breakfast in the morning, you can order it but make sure the staff out front on the floor know it is coming or they will just put it in the break room and not tell you. They kind of ignore you in the back rooms of the floor where they put you. My son woke up many times in the night with everything attached to him. He was just starting to get stuffy or a cold and did not like all the stuff on him or the thing they put in his nostrils. Many who have gone through it, call it the "Sleepless Study". Just wanted to prepare them and not sugar coat it. We all get through it however.
My son Francis had his 1st sleep study done last month here at Women's & Children's Hospital, Buffalo, NY., it was done here in our area. Just wanted to let you know that this is an option if you need it. Francis has ASD as well & I just did not want to over load him while at our visit in Cincinnati. It went very well & I'm bringing a copy of the results to Dr. Wong when we go. Not trying to take away from doing a sleep study in Cincinnati, OH just letting everyone know you have other options just speak with Dr. Wong's office & your local doctor.
My son is 9 and we are currently in Cincinnati for our 3rd visit at Cincinnati Children's. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why you needed to get a sleep study for your son? It hasn't been mentioned before and I want to be sure we ask for it if my son might need it. He doesn't snore and seems to sleep well so I wasn't sure what other signs to look for. May seem like a dumb question but I guess you never know unless you ask! Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
It is under my impression, correct me if I'm wrong, that they just want to see how much air they take in & extract during sleeping & if there are any other problems. You might want to discuss this with Dr. Wong before making you decision. Good luck with you visit. They told me they do the sleep study when they are 10, but again check with Dr. Wong first.
Just curious, what is the need to have a sleep study?

The sleep study has to do with breathing during sleep.  We as parents may not think that something is wrong, but there might be, but there might not be.  It's just important to check it out.  Please though speak with your sons doctor to get all the imformation pertinent to your son.  The test is really simple.  My son also has Autism (ASD) so if he can do it it should be no problem for anyone.  Glad you are goin to see Dr. Wong, you won't regret it.  If anything you will learn alot.  I wish you the best.  How old is your son?

Also, I had the sleep study done here in our home town.  You can do that & get a copy of the study & take it with you to Dr. Wong.  It's a personal choice.


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