Hi all!!!  Has anyone gone to Kings Island while visiting Dr. Wong??? I'm trying to get info on how DMD friendly the park is and any tips you can pass along are greatly welcomed.Thanks!! Karen

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Yes, we went in April. It was so much fun. Worth going to and if you ask the hospital's guest services, they will give you free tickets. Im not sure how DMD friendly it is, pending on how your son is. Our son is still walking so we did not have any issues. Carried him a lot on Daddy's shoulders but he is 5. Go, its fun, and free
Karen, we went to Kings Island last Aug, there is a lot of walking but we rented the double stoller and used it to get around. Not sure how old your kids are,, my kids were 4 and 9 and it worked out great. My son only needs assiitance with long distance for now. My kids loved K.I. we would go again this Aug but we decided to fly into Chicago this time and will see the sites there after we leave Cinn. We didn't get free tickets just discounted through the hospital, i think they only have so many then it goes to coupons for $$ off. We bought ours through the hotel for a better discount.

We went in May of 2009. It was a lot of fun. At the time wyatt was just over 1 1/2 years old. He went in the stroller most of the time. The area that we stayed in was the little kid area, which was relatively small. Have a good visit with Dr. Wong, but do some fun stuff too.
We went in May. It was really fun for my non-DMD kids! Blake is in a wheelchair (he's 14) and he was really limited on what he could do. My husband lifted him onto a couple of rides, but that's about it. The other 3 really had a great time, though!

We love Kings Island!! When we lived in Cincy, we had season passes. Sam has always had a stroller or his scooter when we've gone, so getting around has never been an issue. They do have stroller and wheelchair rentals available at the park.
We loved it! We had Adam's chair so don't know about rentals. We stopped by the Kings Island guest services and were given a special recognition badge--no waiting in lines. The kids had a wonderful time!

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