So I decided NOT to put this project on hold, just take a little longer to get it done. We want to do something extremely different and special, including putting "celebrity" favorite recipes with their autographs and photos along with our recipes and stories. It will not be a spiral or 3 ring binder. Anyone in with us making this possible?

I was originally told to put this project on hold for another year. Althought I understand the reasoning, I decided not to do it. I've put to many thing on hold and this is the one project i know I can do. There are no guarantees for tomarrows and I'm tired of putting things on hold when I can just do it!

So Gail and I were talking and we decided this is NOT going to be a spiral or 3 rind binder but a regular book. We want to feature celebrities with their photos and autographs, including folks like Pat (Founder/President) and John Killian (Chairman).

We still want to have recipes & stories from families here at PPMD. We need to include this. However, we want a nice hard back cookbook that is so distinctive different, unique, speical and yet idealy great for gifts too. Something people are excited about and want to buy. It will be in color!

I am currently looking for a few publishers who will be willing to work with us. I will still put the proposal in with PPMD, but I think it will take alot longer to get done. We want it tdone right and might have to do some fundraising to put money down or find sponsors...sponsors who we can also feature in the cookbook. (not as advertisement).

I also still want to implement Danielle's idea too.

Although I understood what Kim was telling me and it did make sense, but I have put to many things on hold for PPMD as far as fundraisings and this is the one thing I felt needs to be done and hope that I can i get the support of friends here at PPMD.

I beleive if we work on it as a team...this will be one beautiful book from all of us...not just me. I know many have great let us put our heads together and begin the process.

We need sponsors to help raise funds to publish cookbook; and their favoirte recipes/photos

We need celebrity favorite recipes, with their photos and autographs. (photo must be at least 4 ft from camera and a nice head shot) (mimimum of 10)

We need (still) stories of DMD families (with color photos) (minimum of 20)

We need family favorite recipes,(minimum of 200)

I will create a form for authorization of photos and stories/autographs.for publication
I will create a form for where to print stories onto.
I will make sure through the publisher we can have the book copyright and ISBN to sell in stores.
I will help create a NEWS RELEASE

anyone would like to throw in suggestions, ideas or give advise, please speak up now!

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