I m 2 years old residing at Jaipur-India. been diagnosed DMD. sir in my reports deletion of exon from 48 to 52 has been found. pls guide me for his latest tretamnt available anywhere. or latest research status.

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Hi Rajiv,
Currently, there are several potential medicines that are coming available possibly in the next few years. A couple have already made it to clinical trials, internationally, and others are getting close to clinical trial stage. Your best way to find out is to read the "Discussion Forum" here at PPMD and click on "Research". Exon Skipping is in trials in several sites mostly in Europe, as well as Acceleron's muscle building ACE-O31, in Canada. Idebenone is being tested, I think, in Canada too. Utrophin upregulation is being tested in England. Also, if you wish to learn more from those in India there is a "Group from India" here at this site too. And, if you search PPMD you will find news releases about therapies upcoming. Raktim Singh (I think I spelled his name correct) keeps up on the latest and he lives in India, so you could contact him on Facebook or here at PPMD.

So sorry you have to deal with DMD. Please know we are here to help. Don't hesitate to contact me, here at PPMD, if you want assistance finding your way. Feel free to ask anything and I'll do my best.
cheryl cliff


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