Anyone in Ontario who  pays for their deflazacort? I was chatting to someone in London. She does not have to pay for her son's deflazacort. My son is treated in Toronto at Holland Bloorview and we do have to pay for his deflazacort. I have emailed the Minister of Health. I guess when she gets back to me I will have to explain that I am even more confused now. Some pay but some don't? We're both in Ontario so it makes no sense to me.

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Hi Anige,, I too pay for deflazacort for my son. I pay 70 dollars for a 3 month supply.. The hospital used to pay for Dillon's deflazacort as it was for research at one point but we have been paying now for about 2 years.. I live in Odessa Ontario.. Hope this helps you out some.

Yes I was taking him to Kingston at the Hotel Dieu and now I take him to St. Mary's Hospital as he is now 19 and goes to adult clinic now.



Hi Angie,

Yes, Simon takes Deflazacort. The medication used to be "free", but we had to pay a very small $7 "dispensing" fee to the hospital pharmacy. Then about 18 months ago or so they started charging us 17¢ per pill, plus the dispensing fee ($54.80 for 2 month supply). But our private insurance still will not cover the cost or dispensing fee, and we still have to get it through the hospital system???

I know it's not much $, but I can't get a satisfactory answer why it changed.

I use it as a medical expense on the income tax anyway.

Andrea, Montreal

We pay for it too - and the price just went up - don't know why but at the business office where I pay for it at the IWK told me that the price of drugs goes up all the time.  I think I just noticed it because it went from $50 something to $60 something, and I thought they were charging me shipping when I had picked it up (which did happen before).  I likely just didn't notice the price increases before. Our Blue Cross doesn't pay for any part of the cost either.

I'd talk to your provincial Minister of Health.  I started there and with our local MLA.  They directed me to the right group in the province and it took about 18 months, but Deflazacort is covered by provincial healthcare here in SK now.


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