We were informed today of a new trial coming to Winnipeg. Joshua's specialist had signed a confidentiality form so wasn't able to tell us which pharmaceutical company is coming or which medication is the focus. Has anyone else been told the same and have more information we can research?


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I haven't heard anything, but I'm going to pay very close attention.  We're in Weyburn, SK, not far from Regina.

I was told the same thing a few weeks back.  Besides HT-100 and the Cialis trial starting up soon, the doctor informed there would be another trial starting in the fall.  She could not tell me what the medication was but could say that involves the nNOS pathway and that she could provide more details in the coming weeks.

I think it is Tadalafil (Cialis) trial because I was informed about it 1 month ago in London ON

I see there is a now a listing for a Tadalafil trial in Winnipeg:


Thank you Andrew. We will be letting Joshua's neurologist know he will not be taking part. 

If you don't mind me asking, why don't you want Josuha participating?  I completely understand if you'd rather not share.

The reason why we will not be participating is because of the drug.  We would like Joshua to participate in trials strictly for Duchenne. I, personally, don't agree with prescribing a drug,  which has a purpose, and starts being prescribed for the side effects and still does what it's purpose was. If a trial, strictly for BDMD we would like to participate,  but can't if he's participated too soon or the drug company conflicts.


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