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I just found out about this event that will take place in September for all the 5th graders.  Alex starts 5th grade in August.  We live in Bay Area.  I understand that most school districts state wide participate in this type of experience.  I definitely want Alex to attend but he will probably need some help/assistance. My husband nor I can take off the 4 days to attend with.


My question is, did your son attend, what did the school district due to help him?  Should I start the process to get him an aide.  Doesn't the school district need to provide? 


I want to be prepared since the trip is one month after school starts.


Thanks for any input you have.


Kim Maddux

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Hi Kim,

Jonathan went to Camp Hi Hill (Long Beach Unified) in the 5th Grade. One thing we did was actually go up to the camp with Jon before and meet with the camp principal. We were able to check out the facilities and surroundings and he was able to meet Jon and talk about his needs. Hi Hill is only about 45 minutes from us so it was a practical thing to do. They made sure they had a wheel chair up there for him, if a hike was too long and difficult for him he stayed back with one of the counselors. That was Jon's favorite part, playing pool with the counselor. They drove him to the end of one hike so he could participate in the group activity. They also made sure his cabin was closest to everything -- bus drop off, dining cabin, meeting place. They always made sure there was a counselor keeping an eye on him, so even though he didn't have an aide he was under someone's watchful eye. We also talked with the other 5th grade teachers in our school, just to let them know Jon's diagnosis and situation. Jon is our third child, so we already had a good relationship with the school and the teachers.

If he takes any meds you will probably have to fill out some paperwork and get your doctor to sign it. You should check with the school nurse on that.

Thanks Susan - This is so helpful. I am going to give your reply to our resource specialists and teachers for our discussion for the trip. Alex is still very mobile and independent. My concern is...just that, having an adult keep an eye on him and helping if he needs it. If the scooter got stuck or something, who would step in to help.

I am so glad you responded. I think this type of situation will work great for us. Also, our camp is probably 1-1/2 to 2 hours away also, so my husband or me can spend some time up there if needed.

Thanks again. Kim


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