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I just found out about this event that will take place in September for all the 5th graders.  Alex starts 5th grade in August.  We live in Bay Area.  I understand that most school districts state wide participate in this type of experience.  I definitely want Alex to attend but he will probably need some help/assistance. My husband nor I can take off the 4 days to attend with.


My question is, did your son attend, what did the school district due to help him?  Should I start the process to get him an aide.  Doesn't the school district need to provide? 


I want to be prepared since the trip is one month after school starts.


Thanks for any input you have.


Kim Maddux

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Hi Kim,
My older son didn't need help when his class went to Science Camp. My younger son needed a lot of help, so my ex-husband attended for 1/2 of camp, then we switched. This was preferable to all 3 of us. We stayed in the background or helped in other activities, unless he was participating in something that required more help. Since we were an additional parent, sometimes another parent helped him and we stayed with a different group. His regular classroom aide couldn't attend and we thought this was a better solution than a stranger. He had the opportunity to participate without either of us, but staff knew we were close by if needed. We all enjoyed it.
Hi Kim,

Our district does this in 6th grade and went to Walker Creek (up near Point Reyes/Tomales Bay, I think). Joseph went, but with a lot of planning and a full-time aide. My husband and I offered to go, but his teacher insisted that it was important for Joseph to attend w/o us. His teacher and aide worked together to make sure all his needs were met.

On one day of the trip, they hiked up a rough trail to the top of a mountain that overlooks the ocean. His teacher went above and beyond to make sure he could go up with the rest of the kids. The school had a gator-type vehicle that they used to get Joseph up part of the way. They called me when they reached the top because I don't think it was all that easy getting him up there and it was quite an accomplishment. It's something Joseph will never forget and still talks about.

Hi - Thanks so much for your replys. This is so helpful. It sounds like you both have a great school and great teachers. We are blessed with that too. I think our school will do all that's possible to make sure its a good expererience for alex too.

Alex is very independent and mobile still, but I know he won't be able to do hikes and long walks and sports etc. I just want to have that responsible adult in charge of making sure he is OK and gives him help when needed.

I am going back and forth about my husband and I being there to help. Of course, part of my wants, I love all the field trips, but my one dilemma is I have 3 year old twins. Also, as Alex never gets to do camps without us, I thought it might be good for his independence. I will take your replys with me when we discuss with the IEP team.

I feel so much better with the responses I got back. I know it will be a good experience for him.

Thanks again.

The school has to provide an aide.


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