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Next week I will be attending my second PPMD conference in Philadelphia, but this year will be different for me. My 7 year-old son, Garrett, is slowly losing the ability to walk and it hurts me dearly to see how he struggles so I'm fighting back with a plan to raise several billion dollars to fund the needed research to find a cure in time to save him and others. I've already informed Pat of my plans and she's very supportive, so now I need your help by informing your friends, family and neighbors of a new social networking website I created called NeighborhoodFriends.com.

After nearly 7 years in development, this free website launched last week on July 1st and already has over 800 users worldwide. NeighborhoodFriends.com is designed to make a difference in our lives by providing us a better way to interact and help our neighbors. Through the use of a one-of-a-kind mapping feature, neighbors are able to see and connect with other neighbors who share a common interest or need. As an example, I plan to use this site to find other nearby parents who have a child with the same special needs that my child has. The website will then allow me to form a new group for support with other nearby parents which would make it easy for us to meet face-to-face as needed. This same principal would apply to advertisers who want to target their area and/or audience for their ads.

With a fair amount of media coverage, many concerned neighbors and homeowner associations would want to take advantage of this opportunity to know their neighbors in this easy and non-threatening online way. They would also want to be able to alert their neighbors of a missing pet or child. As the user-base grows the website will also include additional features that would encourage a person to choose their neighborhood first before choosing a home within that neighborhood. I believe that this website will attract millions of users which in turn will increase the value of the company up into the billions, and that's the kind of money needed to save our sons. I can say with confidence that this website will change many lives, and I've already had some great newspaper, radio and television coverage to help me get the word out.

Please take the time to enroll into NeighborhoodFriends.com NOW, and see for yourself how this website could be of value to your own neighborhood and community before inviting everyone you know to check out the site. Call me if you have ANY trouble using the website, and if you're going to be in Philadelphia next week then please look me up!

Many thanks,

Ronnie Rodes, President and Founder

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