Your Personal Story on a One Page Flyer

PPMD is allowing me to help any family with Duchenne convert their personal story/photograph(s) into a concise one-page flyer (see attached sample). I have a background in digital graphic design and journalism and am enthusiastic about volunteering this service. Flyers are effective when communicating with Congress because they are well thought out and cover key points. They can be included in the PPMD packets we leave with members of Congress to be reread and reviewed. They can easily be edited for other purposes too. Our stories are our most powerful weapon in combating Duchenne. They spread awareness, can be reprinted and reread, and motivate readers to want to help our boys.

If you would like some help putting together a customized flyer that clearly communicates your personal Duchenne experience, please contact me at I have attached a sample flyer but yours can be designed and written according to your style and you get final approval.

Please reach out to other Duchenne families in Pennsylvania and elsewhere about this opportunity. At this time we have only 2 out of our 19 districts represented with constituents coming to Washington. Those of us making this trip will also have appointments scheduled in offices not of our own district. Our message will be taken much more seriously if we can refer to an actual constituent from these other districts. We need to have stories from actual constituents from all 19, if possible.

If you know of a family with Duchenne who might want a flyer created communicating their story please let them know about this. Our aim is to have as many stories from constituents in all 19 districts in PA -- and branch this effort out to other states.

I'm a little worried about the inactivity with our PA group. I hope to hear from you.


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