Dear Pennsylvanians,

PA still has only 2 of our 19 districts represented in person for PPMD's Advocacy in Washington (February 25-27). Those who are attending will be visiting districts other than their own. We will be much, much more effective if we can refer to an actual constituent from these other districts.

Pennsylvania is a big state -- we especially need input from the central and western areas.

Even if you can't attend the Advocacy conference in DC, there other simple ways to get involved.  One is to sign-up for the Packet Drop Off and you can also create a flyer about the Duchenne boy/young man who is in your life that can be included the drop off packet by those who do go to Washington.

 Please visit this link to participate from home and scroll down to option #2:

If you would like help creating a more indepth flyer, please email me at and put "flyer" in the subject area. A flyer is particularly effective because it is eye-catching and includes a photograph and more detail about your situation and Duchenne -- all on one page -- at-a-glance. Also, you can print out extras and email as an attachment. 
It is easier than you think to put together and you have final approval and control regarding any distribution.

A sample flyer is attached below.

Let's try to get as many constituent stories from as many of those 17 remaining PA districts as possible.
Please let other families know about this who may not be active in PPMD.



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