I read that a combination of Youngevity supplements and Vector machine is giving good results for DMD children. Some are only trying Vector machine and some are trying only the Youngevity supplements. Has any one of you had experience with the supplements or with the machine. Any clinical trial is going on with Vector machine?

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Dr Rhodes has good case studies showing improvement in DMD children after using Vecttor therapy. Youngevity supplements also seem to help in improving muscle strength. Anyone has tried them.

Vecttor was discussed on this board at length, years ago.  Much of it was pulled down after PPMD was contacted by the clinic's lawyer.

The way I figure - if either worked, we'd all be doing it, correct?  And someone from the DMD medical community would be recommending it.  Well, we aren't all doing it, and I haven't heard of any DMD clinics recommend either of these.

That's just me, though.  

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