So, my son is 19, I am in need of a device (waterproof/shockproof) that he can wear on his wrist or as a pendant that he can push on a button and have an alert signal trigger a similar device that I and my wife can wear around the house 24x7. He has a great set of lungs but at 3:00AM, I don't always hear him right away.  Currently I always have to be within "hearing" in case he needs me. I cannot go outside or ev en into the garage because if he falls, needs to use the bathroom, is taking a shower, etc. I have to be present to hear and assist him. Anybody solved this problem??

- No, not interested in baby monitors, 3rd party alert systems,  they have limited range, are too large, etc.

- Need simple, small,  wearable, push button (prefer battery powered) alert & response devices with range min range of 100m.


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We solved this problem, along with many others with a service animal. now I don't have to worry if I forget to charge batteries our if im deep sleep. the dog is a big commitment and not to be taken lightly, but we'll worth it

check this video

it sends a phone call to a 24X 7 centre

Depending on your location, ie. how much interference you would get, but Walkie talkies may work. Our set is small, has a call button and can be clipped onto pants. There are also sets that can be worn like a watch. A pull cord alarm might work in the shower. Your medical supply store should be able to suggest something that would work in your home. This Is a link to some information on a medical alert system. It doesn't call an online service but calls one of four telephone numbers that you program into it.
. I believe they also have a pendant with an alarm system.
Hope this helps,

Thanks for the replies

- I'll continue searching for options or try to cobble a comm. network of some sort.

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