White Water Rafting Sunday after the Connect Conference

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all planning on coming to conference this year!  It is getting very close and I am so excited!!!


I wanted to remind everyone about the rafting trip that I have planned for Sunday afternoon after the conference. The float will be about 3 hours and will be the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!  I found a company who will allow children of any age as long as they are 30lbs or more and IS handicapped accessible.  The boats we go on have wheelchair ramps going right up to the boat...so we want EVERYONE to go...the more the merrier.  It will be a level 1 and 2 float, so nothing dangerous, but certainly exciting...not to mention the beautiful Rocky mountain scenery! 


The float will begin about 2 hours into the mountains, and you will need your own transportation there and back. 


Here is what they said about handicapped accessiblity:  "We have taken people down the river who have had a range of disabilities, and I am sure that there are groups I don't even know about, so I will have to get back to you with more complete information, but we took people straight from their wheelchairs to the boats on a couple of trips last year and they had a blast on what is a pretty unique experience.  We also had a gentleman who was paralyzed from the waist down but had great upper body fitness and was a big thrill seeker - he did one of our most advanced whitewater trips by holding on in the middle of the boat while his friends did the paddling.  The people who were on the trip said it was incredibly moving to see him going through these huge rapids."


The cost is:  Pricing for ages 2-4 is $39, for ages 5-12 is $44 and for 13+ is $49.  Of course that could go down if we have more people go. Right now, there are about 28 people signed up to go.  If you are interested, email me, Lori Ware at loriware@gmail.com and I will add you to the list and send you more information.


Hope to see you in June and on the  Colorado!!!



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We can't wait. I have never been white water rafting and Patrick hasn't been since he was in grammar school. So we are ready for an adventure.

Thanks for planning it.

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