Recently we decided to go ahead and start my son, who has just turned 7, on steroids.  I would like to go with the deflazacort, but have no idea how to go about ordering it.  I have been looking at online pharmacies in Canada, but am so nervous about ordering.  Can anyone help me out?  I would love to know where others are ordering from and how it works. Trying to figure out a reliable trustworthy pharmacy is making me a little crazy!!!!  Thanks, Becky

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We've been ordering ours for a few years from Masters in the UK -

They have been really great for us.  You'll have to plan ahead a little, since it can take 1-4 weeks to get the shipment through customs.

Hope this helps!


Some order from Canada and others the UK. I order from Masters Marketing in England.  Have had no problems at all. 

We use Universal Drugstore out of Canada. I found that some doses are a little less expensive there, it just depends on what you need! Takes about the same time, 1-4 weeks to get here-the med actually ships from India. Their customer service is pretty good, too.

The process is pretty simple-you just have to find what you need and order it, and then they will give you a fax number to send your prescription to.

Thank you for your replies.  As follow up - we did go through UniversalDrugStore out of Canada.  I was able to get a year's supply for a very reasonable price.  There were a few problems with them understanding the prescription that was written, but they were able to call Bryce's doctor and get it all straightened out.  Took 17 days to get here.  Thanks, again!!

When you say very reasonable price what does that mean? Univeral Drug Store has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Like to know if I can get it for less than the price at Masters Pharmaceuticals.



Sorry, Janine, that I am just now getting back on here!!  It cost $300.00 total cost. Is that a better deal than you are getting now? Hope that helps

Just an fyi - we get an 80 day supply from Masters Marketing for $158.10 (includes shipping).  That order consists of 4 boxes of 30mg (10 per box) and 4 boxes of 6 mg (20 per box).  Our son is on 21 mg per day.  We have never had an issue wtih getting our order.  In fact, I just ordered super early this morning and requested express delivery as I am really low and we leave for vacation in two weeks.  I already received an email confirmation that the order was shipped.  I've been very pleased with them. 

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