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Has anyone ever rented a wheelchair in Hawaii? Did you have a good experience with a rental company?

We are planning a visit to the Waikiki/Honolulu area and to Hilo, and would like a basic folding wheelchair for dealing with long walking distances.





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Hi Barb! We just got back from Hawaii on April 7. We did not rent a wheelchair, we have our own manual chair. You can probably rent them from a pharmacy, but how about contacting the MDA and see if they have one in the loan closet? I know you can rent beach wheelchairs in the Waikiki area at certain beaches. We stayed in Waikiki so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a great time-we sure did and would LOVE to go back!!



Have you tried calling the hotel you are staying at?  Maybe they can recommend a reliable medical supply store.  We are doing this for an upcoming trip to California, and the chair will be at our hotel when we get there.

Thanks, folks, I will check in to those ideas.

You can purchase a basic transport chair for less than $100 at Walgreens or 1800wheelchair.com. We used one all over Paris and London, buses, trains included! The only issue is that someone has to push, but it is nice to have in the airport and they will check it onboard if there is room. If not, they will put it down below and bring it up when you land.

Update: I bought a transport chair at 1800wheelchair.com -- spent a little more for one with 12" back wheels and was glad I did, as we ran it over some rough ground. (They have another that folds up much smaller, though, and that was tempting.) It was great having it at the airports.

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