we're looking into getting a Savaria Telecab elevator.   The standard cab size is 30" x 46".   Is that roomy enough for any power chair that we may use?


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No Jason, that doesn't sound very large. We are about to have an Atlas-  El Vista elevator installed in the house and  it's 34" by 60". And some of our  doorways are to be widened to 34" or 36". The dimensions were all decided upon by the OT and contractor specializing in disability renos.  We moved houses because our old house would have been too expensive to renovate and our son still would not have access to a good portion of the house like the rest of us.

Thanks for the replies. I realize 30"x 46" would be a tight squeeze with the average chair being 23-24" wide. We can go with a 32" wide model but don't have the room to go much beyond the 46" length. The supplier told us that they have installed many of these 30x46 units for people with power chairs.
Can anyone give me some actual chair dimensions?

What do you recommend for bathroom sizes?  We are about to put an offer on a home that has straight stairs and seems to have about 36 inch clearance between sinks and walls.

BTW, I found the following resources that may be of help.  They have minimum specifications for theirs.  PLUS, these fold so as to not block the entire stairwell. 



We got a Savaria Telecab installed.     My son loves the independance.     Got the 54x32 size.

.....and my knees love not having to carry him upstairs.   

We're considering adding an elevator some day.  Anyone willing to share how much they paid to have one installed?

A telecab cost over $20,000 installed.     A shafted elevator is quite a bit more.     We received some very generous help from a wish foundation.    

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