I found that my son starts tending to walk with feet unparallel. Toes tend to in-side direction (He used to walk with feet straight or a little bit out-side direction as other people.).

I question if it is because of night splint.

Anybody can give me advise ?

Very much thanks.


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Hi Damien

You are right,in the Lancet they have recommended 0.75mg/kg for Prednisolone.I have sent my doc the link so he can have a look at it,hope he will be agreeable.I am also going to ask him for a Deflazacort presciption so i can order some.Thank you n gday.

Dylan started on this dosing regime about 18 months ago, ie 0.75mg/kg. He started on 16mg daily and has not had it increased as he is doing well with this dose. It's best that your doctor assesses your boy4-6 months after starting steroids to see how he is getting on. Like Dylan, if he is improving and/or stable there may not be a reason to increase the dose. 

Just talked to our doc an hour ago and he confirms my son will be on 5mg daily for the next couple of months as he observes him.Hope this proves sufficient but if need be and it has to go up,hope all will go well.How is Dylan responding so far?

Hi Wainaina, Apologies for delay in replying....... We are very happy with the decision to go with steroids. Dylan has had very little side effects so far. His improved almost immediately after starting steroids( 2-3 weeks). Nobody want to give steroids to boys over a long period of time....but we also to balance this with trying to give our sons some quality of live...it is a hard decision, but we are happy we went with steroids. .......Damien 


HI Damien

Thank you for your reply.It is good to hear your lovely boy is doing well.It sure is no easy decison for us parents to make but under the circumstances this is the best available to us and it is the one we have to go with.My boy is completing his first week on the steroids and i am yet to c anything to worry about,and am hopeful the situation remains positive.I am looking to getting him on a higher dose should it be necessary ie in case we have no obvious improvement,but for now we are just observing.Thanks again and have a blessed week with your family.



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