Need help form anyone who may have used the $2000 MDA funds towards purchase of mobility equipment. They sent a Purchase order to the provider asking to use the insurance first. Here is the question... Our insurance only pays every 3 years and we may need to keep that option for the purchase of a wheelchair. So how do you resolve this? Can you ask MDA to pay for this ignoring the insurance? Thanks in advance...

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FYI. I read somewhere here that it was suggested to lump the financial expenses together for the MDA. Just know that the MDA only pays for one item -- up to $2,000 -- every three years. We got my son a scooter two years ago through the MDA; it was about $1,000. We also needed a special needs stroller at the same time which ran about $300. We thought they would cover both since the combined price was under $2,000. We were told in definite terms that it was their policy just to pay for one item. Unfortunately, can't lump the expenses for equipment together. If your scooter needs any repairs, as ours just did, the MDA will pay once your ins. company denies it and they need a copy of the denial (can be EOB or letter) and a prescription for the repair, yes for the repair, from the doc. and they will process. Our company will pay for repairs but since we didn't meet our deductible yet they processed it and the MDA will accept the EOB.

Also, my son's school purchased a scooter for my son to use at school. I gave them all the information on what scooter we wanted (the one we already had at home) and they processed the purchase. Check with your school. This way you don't have to transport the scooter back and forth. Hope this info. helps
Our local rep. told us, sometime in the last year, that the MDA would now pay for multiple items as long as they didn't exceed the $2,000. It never hurts to ask. We haven't tried it as we had already used our $ for our scooter.

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