My husband and I are currently going through PGD/IVF. I am an obligate carrier of DMD and understand that I will have a percentage of embryos that will either be female carriers or boys with DMD and unaffected. My first question is, we are currently looking for a place to bank our cord blood. Has anyone banked their cordblood and where did you do it? Also, has anyone had a female carriers cord blood banked and do you know if it may be able to regenerate an affected boy in the future? any input would be appreciated.

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I've been tested, and am not expected to be a carrier. During Aaron's DMD diagnosis I learned that I was about terrifying...but my daughter was born (we banked her cord blood) and then I was tested and found not to be a carrier unless through mosiacism (did I get that right?). We used New England Cord Blood Bank. They had a the best prices at the time, and my doctor had used them before and was happy with them. They have a refer a friend program...if you decide to use them, let me'd get a $250 savings coupon and I'd get a $50 gift card!

I don't know for certain that they'll be able to use the banked blood carrier or not...but I couldn't put it to chance and wind up wishing that I'd banked some day. Tough decision because it was / is a lot of money for us...but there's too much at stake. I had to do it.

Good luck!!!
I am currently pregnant, using PGD/IVF. We will be banking the cord blood also, so once we figure out who we use I will tell you. Is there an initial fee and then an annual fee? Thanks,
Yes, all of the places I researched have the initial fee plus annual fees for continuing to store the blood. Some (or maybe all, I can't recall) allowed you to prepay the annual fees at a discounted rate PLUS...doing so usually "capped" the number of years you'd have to pay. I'm not sure if they don't think the blood will be usable after that length of time...or if they just consider you paid up. I remember one prepay plan covered a 20 year span. I couldn't afford that option, so I pay each year.

I believe the bank I used also paid any costs for my doctor to do the retrieval. He was already performing my c-section so I'm not sure if there even was an additional cost incurred.

Hi Tonya,

How was your experience with IVF/PGD??? I am starting this in a few days and was hoping I could get in touch with someone about this.  I carry DMD and my brother has it so I am doing it so I can have a healthy child.  Let me know if you can!

Jen Bauer

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