Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of preparing for my last IEP before Middle School (!).  My 11 year old son will be entering middle school next year and I'm concerned about all the writing he will need to do.  He has gotten by so far as he does fairly well himself and has always had access to someone that could "scribe" for him but I'm wondering if anyone is using any technology that has helped?  I know we are talking about getting him some sort of ipad type device but don't really see that helping when he needs to take notes in class. If anyone has anything that has worked well or any ideas for me, I'd be very grateful for the help.  Thanks very much!


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Hi Linda,

I am in the same process as well. We got the Mac Book Air (lightweight laptop) + onscreen keyboard and the Dragon Dictate + head set  (speech recognition software) has been installed. He will start to use the Dragon next year (6th grade) for homework and assignments. My son will combine handwriting, typing and speech recognition software as needed.


Hope this helps you. What else are you considering in your transition IEP for Middle School? I am really not looking forward to that stage, but we have to keep positive!:))  Good luck, Isabel

There are other recording devices available. This is a good site for all types of assistive equipment. http://www.abledata.com

Ipad/Tablets can do the part as a notepad, he will be encourage to take notes right at it. It is so cool and it's the in thing now.

Not sure if Google Glass would help yet, but the possibilities for the future...who knows? Looks cool to me.





You could also go low tech. They have note taker notebooks. One person would take notes and it makes two copies. One for your son and one for the note taker. The ones we have are from Clarke Hearing Center it is called the Note-Writer. http://www.clarkeschools.org/uploads/files/mainstreaming/notewriter...


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