MY son is entering 4th grade and has expressed an interest in us talking to his class about Duchenne. You tube is blocked at his school so the Brain Pop video is out. Any one have any suggestions or advice about how they have gone about discussing this.

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Ask PPMD to send you a DVD copy of the Brain Pop video so they can play it on a dvd player in the classroom.  We showed it in the library to the entire 5th grade not just my son's class and the kids asked some great questions afterward.  good luck..

Hi Shannon! We can definitely send you a copy of Brain Pop on CD. Just send me a message or email ( and we'll get it out to you.

There are also a few older discussion threads you might find helpful:

We had a presentation at Joshua's school last year. We had fireman's boots for the classmates to do an obstacle course while wearing them, trying to write their names with big gloves on and they also used "disorientation glasses" to see what it feels like to get cataracts (which commonly occurs).  We were then in his classroom and showed the pills he takes (meds and supplements) and let them ask as many questions they had, which Joshua answered most of.  They continued to ask questions continuously throughout the year and the majority of judgements and bullying stopped after they understood the "why" questions.  We also sent the Brain Pop videos via e-mail after we downloaded them and they were able to watch that as well.

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