Joshua woke up yesterday with a swollen left eye.  I thought maybe it was a mosquito bite but it lasted all day.  It did go down some before bed but was there again this morning.  I put a cold pack on it and that seemed to help.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this before?

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Is it still swollen? Any redness or watering? My youngest daughter just got over adenovirus in her eyes and it started with a slightly swollen, bruised feeling eye
It is still slightly swollen. The swollen lid is reddish, but the eye itself isn't. He says it doesn't hurt. It was tender when it was large though. I'll look into the adenovirus and see if that applies. Thank you!
Kennedys eye was oly slightly red on the inside. Like a very very mild case of pink eye. We started her on drops for it and then she had a chemical reaction to them which caused alot of eye issues. However if you google pics of adenovirus in the eyes, thats what Kennedys started out looking like. Just slightly swollen, the top eyelid was red, and she said it felt heavy and sore. About a week after that she got a cough and congestion which was all part of it,

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