Has anyone tried switching from Prednisone to Deflazacort?
Where there less side effects? or any differences?
Please Let Me Know
Because My Parents & I are thinking of switching to Deflazacort.
I was on Deflazacort for about 2 years & then My doctors switched me to Pred. and since then I have gained about 10 pounds.

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Susana, 10 pounds over what period of time?
We switched my son from prednisone to deflazacort (after 2-3 yrs on prednisone) hoping it would have fewer side effects with regard to behavoir/impulsivity and hunger. The switch was fine and we remain on deflaz, though we have not seen any real differences that we feel we can attribute to the switch. Our friends noted that they thought he was less ravenous, but Im not sure if thats just that he had become more used to the diet we have him on, or if there was a real difference. His weight has been pretty good on both, with proper diet (he is only 7 so still quite active). He has been on deflaz for over a year now. Our Dr., Dr Wong supported the attempt to switch, but cationed that often she doesnt see any difference... a few anecdotal differences in isolated cases.
Daniel started out on Prednisone at 5 yrs old and we switched him to deflazacort after about 6 months. He is 8 now and due to tight finances the last few months (we're doing our house modifications) we switched him back to Prednisone for a while. We have not noticed a lot of extra weight gain (he always puts on some weight over the winter) but we have noticed a lot more moodiness and extremely heightened sensory issues. I can't wait to get him back on the deflaz. and will be getting him back on it in the next week or two when it comes in.
I gained 10 pounds over a period of 4 months
I don't know if that really bad, or just a normal thing.
I'm switching hopefully back to deflazacort on friday.
I can't wait!
Hi Susan;
We switched my son Kevin from pred to deflaz. in October 2007 after a few years on pred. and horrendous weight gain. He really didn't eat that much but over time he just kept gaining. He went from a skinny kid in 2005 to a really husky boy two years later. The swtich was seamless and his weight (while he is still high for his age and height -- 90 lbs./4ft. -- but this year he only gained a few lbs. over last. So we are happy with the change. He also was found insulin resistant on ou last vist to Cinncy this past December and has started on Metformin a month ago. That is really supposed to help with the weight gain and we hope to see some improvements in a few months. We also are really watching the sodium and portions. He wants to lose also, so he is motivated as well. Wow, I never heard or met a girl with DMD -- I know that is really rare. How are you doing? You look good and looks like you have a lot of friends. Good for you. Hope to talk to you again.

Hi Susan
My son Ryan was only diagnosed last March and we started Pred in Aug/Sept last year, no bad side effects except for roid rage on Pred,but absolutely No increase in strength, if anything he was falling(colapsing) more-up to 40 times a day.

We started Deflazacort and he now is lucky to fall twice a day - no real noticible weight gain on either. The only side effect of the deflazacort is the "roid rage" he has a short fuse and little tolerance for fools.

Good luck


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