We have been advised that it is the ripe time to perform muscle release surgery for our son. The hip, knee and ankle muscles will be affected. This seemed traumatic at first. The after effects are worrying us, also the surgery is said to prolong walking and standing anywhere between 1 - 2 years. How worthwhile is it is on our minds. Musty just recieved his Power chair which we were encouraged that he use at school. We seem to be getting mixed messages and we want to make the right decisions. what are your thoughts? Troubled mum.

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Is this the same as heel cord lenthening surgery? A doctor recently recommended this for my son, age 9, who is a toe walker. I am just starting to investigate and came upon your inquiry for muscle release. Anyone with input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Terri
When my son had his tendon release surgery at 6 years old; we had alot of recovery to go thru. Physical therapy 3x a day for months and the braces and standing box. With the schools they are worried about the safety of our children but as parents we can advocate to make sure that for as long as possible our children are able to walk and stand and that although we need to make the power chair a positive solution. We want them to walk and stand for as long as possible and the teachers with all of their staff and their degrees are not the ones who make the ultimate decision when it comes to our childs independence and the school needs to understand that if your child does not need the wheelchair 24/7 it should be used at school only when our child is fatigued. It is the schools job to work for us not us work for them. I would seriously consult your child's doctor to see exactly how much time your child should spend in a chair. Power chairs are great for independence and mobility however you would not want your child to so easily rely more on the power chair if he can walk on his own. They will appreciate it when they get older. My sons are now 16 and 14. Hopefully this helps.
IM NOT READY YET caleb 9 tells us about his power chair so everyday its new cut and scrapes on knees the teacher said he just falls does not try to stop the fall back to education he cant to slow to put his hands out is your son using his chair now? we take the stroller chair for any long walks he did tell me if we go to the fair this year that he will take power chair frist time to ask to do that. Im new to this site and so happy to have found it.I was at IEP for another child and the behavior sp. asked if I KNEW ABOUT THE CONFERANCE in co no I didnot but talking to others will be so so great Penny

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