Can anyone tell me something about these supplements- Methyl Max tablets, Creatine,  Mucoperm, lipogen and BCAA? Have you ever used any of these supplements,what is the  recommended dosage and what are your experiences with the products?

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I don't know about the others, however our nutritionist does NOT recommend creatine because it can effect the liver in Duchenne Boys.  He said to use l-carnitine instead.

tammy, how long have you been giving l-carnitine?

I've been giving TJ L-Carnitine for several months.  He is on several supplements.  I will have a better idea if any of them are helping when he gets re-evaluated in July at CHOP.  I do believe he is doing a better than before he took them, however I think it is a combination of all the supplements.  He used to only walk about about a half a block and get tired and fall several times.  Now he doesn't fall nearly as much, and he can walk several blocks without wanting to be carried home.

Tammy, how old is TJ now and can you tell what other supplements are you giving? Our son (10 in sept) takes dflz, idebenone, protandim and calc/vit d.

Hi Amit, send me your email and I will make a list of what he is taking....



Tammy said:

Hi Amit, send me your email and I will make a list of what he is taking....

i have been giving lewis l carnitine and omgea 3,6,9 at the same time as they are supposed to have a synergistic effect, i think they help,

clare, do you just buy l-carnitine from health store? did you not consider creatine?

Tammy: I noticed from your profile that your son is less than 5 yrs old...a lot of boys would continue to improve till 6-7 yrs without any supplements, so I am not sure if the supplements are playing a role in what you have observed.

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