I was watching The Learning Channel last night, and there was an episode about a 3 year old boy who has 40% more muscle mass than normal. HIs strength, balance and coordination for his age are incredible. Dr. Eric Hoffman was featured on the show, and he was discussing analyzing the boy's DNA to see if it could bring any insight into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I missed the first 25 minutes of the show and didn't hear what, if any, diagnosis the boy has. Was anyone else watching this?

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Carrie: Could you supply me with the link on ACE-0 31. Also can anyone explain to me in simpler terms what "recombinant protein/decoy receptor" means and how would this be administered. Thank you, Terry

carrie said:

Read this link for info on myostatin inhibition drug (ACE-0 31) with possible application to DMD. This is the one that they spoke of at the conference. Not a gene therapy, rather a recombinant protein/decoy receptor.


I completely forgot about this one! Thank you Sofia, Keith and Terry. Looks like this one should be coming out of the clinical trial (phaseI with healthy volunteers) cooker pretty soon.

keeping fingers crossed,
'Acceleron to Present ACE-031 Preclinical Study Results ' that was on the 10-13Jun. Anyone know what happend?

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