My 5 year old grandson fell and fractured his humerus bone last week (upper left arm). The fall did not seem like a very substantial one.  He was playing hide and seek with his brother and cousins, and when he got up, he fell backwards.  I'm assuming his left arm took the brunt of the fall.  

He has been on steroids (Deflazacort) for a year and a half.  My question is this: "Can the steroids already be making his bones brittle in such a relatively short period of time?"

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Hi Terry,

There is some research that suggests bone strength in boys with DMD doesn't develop properly in part due to limited physical activity which is important for bone health.  While steroids help boys by slowing the progression of muscle deterioration, one side effect to taking this medication is the effect on bone.  My younger son fell from on the steps at age four and broke his arm.  This was over a year before starting steroids.

I hope your grandson heals quickly.



My son will be 10 soon. Between 7 and 9 my son had four fractures.  He just had some very bad luck. The one being just simple running at the indoor playground at a mall and his foot twisted and it was fractured.  Last year Dr. Wong wong tested him for Osto but he was fine and so far has recovered well from all the fractures.  3 in the same arm different places.


Good Luck. 

Is he on any supplements to counteract the side effects of the steroids?

Thank you everyone for your responses. 

To Joshua's Mom:  Which supplements do you use that help to counteract the side effects of the steroids?  Besides Deflazacort, my grandson is on CoQ10, calcium and Vit. D.  He goes to Dr. Wong's team in Cincinnati, and this is what they are recommending at this point in time.   

Hi Terry,


If you go to my page, all the supplements Joshua takes are listed with the dosage.  If you can change the CoQ10 to Idebenone, I sincerely suggest it asap!!!



that happened to my 4 yr old son over the summer and he want on steroids and i didnt even kno he had dmd at that time. But i just think that the dmd makes there bone a lil more fragile then normal.

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