Does anyone dose their child on steroids every third day, or a four day on three day off, instead of every other day or daily?


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Hi Janine,

Did he take the same dose he was taking during the 10 days on/off or he decreased the dose?

What I meant is to know if modified dose (smaller) in daily regime required to be tapered off or not!

Thank you very much

Janine said:


If I recall correctly when my son switched from 10 day on 10 day off to daily the doctor just gave us the mg dosage he was supposed to take and we just simply started giving him that daily. No tapering off required.

I think (it was years ago so I can't be sure) he just took the same dose daily as he was taking on the ten days on. This really is something to ask your doctor as he/she will be the one who has to write you a new prescription.


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