Anybody is enrolled in the trials conducted in India or China for stem cells,please?
I am thinking to put my son in a stem cells trial,but I need more updates.

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my god, you do not believe that information, the trial in China  failed。

Why?what happened?what about India?
Could you please tell me where you got this update?

Moein, Many people in India are going for Stem Cell therapy for DMD. I have spoken to a few parents and they are saying they have seen some improvement after Stem Cell therapy. I have planned to do stem cell therapy for my 9 year son in the 3rd week of October. Shall let you the result after that. I am going to Neurogen in Mumbai.

Hi Rahul,some improvement!do you mean that it is not huge difference in strength?I will be glad if you keep me informed about your son.thanks

Currently, I am in China. In 2004, China implemented a dmd stem cell therapy clinical trials, but failed. The reason for failure is  the gene inside the muscle can not be changed. I think India is the same。I think, the most effective treatment is exon gene therapy。

Moein said:

Why?what happened?what about India?
Kenny,I am talking about the trials which are now recruiting and they did not fail yet
Hi Moein, is this trial in the US Clinical Trials website? If yes, please post. I would like read any relevant publications.
Yes,these trials are on clinical
Can you please post the Study ID?
Hi ... I wanted to know if u ever did the stem cells .

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