in my opinion when we have a stem cell treatment for DMD we will see the first emergence from the various clinics that offer stem cell treatments and advertise the same on the internet.

Found one hostipal in China which talks of treatment of DMD. They claim that DMD is treatable condition (info at

I did write a email to them asking for details on how exactly is the treatment done. Has anyone contacted them to investigate this possible cure?

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Did you hear back from them?
I read the article and I want to believe it but maybe it's just me. When I read something like this it puts a lot of doubt in my mind because if one hospital in China had actually found a cure for DMD wouldn't everyone else jump on board and reserch it further? It would be interesting to see how many successful treatments they have done. For our boys I hope there is a cure and soon. When did you email the hospital and have you heard anything back?
I did not get any response even after follow up.

Looks like a careless posting on a Website
Incidentally I checked my mail box an hour after posting this message and I did have the response. Contents of the reply given below.

This is jsut a glimmer of hope for me. I will persue it and meet Beike personally. Do we have someone in Delhi who can meet these folks and check on their claims.

Reply from Bieke India

This is further to your enquiry regarding Stem Cell Treatment for your son for Muscular Dystrophy. We at Beike Biotech-ENS take this opportunity to introduce you to the evolving procedure of stem cell therapy - A quest in improving the quality of life. The highly trained doctors at Beike will carefully assess the medical situation and decide whether he is a candidate for stem cell therapy.

You are requested to fill out the attached Basic Information Form carefully, to help the doctors make a fast and precise assessment of the case (Please fill in EVERY blank. It is very IMPORTANT.) Also, kindly provide us with the most updated medical records, such as the doctor’s diagnosis, the lab results, history of disease, treatment and therapies that are currently undergoing. (Do not attach unwanted information.) With the proper information you provide us, our doctors will inform whether he is suitable to receive treatment at one of our treatment centers located in China. Please send us all this information through email only.

The exact duration of the treatment and the cost will be given once the team of doctors has studied the case. Also, please find attached information on Beike Biotech that you may like to study. Details of patients treated by Beike Biotech is also enclosed as a separate attachment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information that you may require


Nidhish Nath
Beike Biotech – ENS
61-A, Western Avenue
Sainik Farms
New Delhi – 110062,India
Tel: +91-11-29552056
Fax: +91-11-29552157
Cell: +91-9958598887
My parents went to Delhi yesterday however my brother will be going on the 3rd of March. I will send my son's information with him and see what we hear back from them. Will keep you posted.
Please, Tulika.
Keep us posted.
Have you sent the info they requested? Have you heard from them again?
My parents who are visiting India spoke with them and are going to be meeting with them on Thursday. The lab is located in New Delhi and the treatment is a 26 day treatment that cost $25,000.

Sofia Suvorova said:
Please, Tulika.
Keep us posted.
Have you sent the info they requested? Have you heard from them again?
Please can you post what the out come is from this meeting?
Actually a little more poking around - the reporter won a Pulitzer prize for a series of articles back in 2004 on the subject of Stem Cells: Here is an index of the articles:,Explanatory+Reporting

Paul Johnson said:
Can you ask in that clinic before you spent your all money how they plan to overcome immune system in case using donor cells or in case of using patients own cells how they paln to fix those cells before using them as those would have same genetic material as your son's muscle cells.( same error in the dystropin gene too)
I have tried getting background information about the people involved with the clinic in Delhi. Till now nothing has popped up so I am concluding that these folks are not well established in medical circles in Delhi. My hopes are not high.

I have submiited some information but no response yet.

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